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Diptyque City Candles – The Beauty Look Book

Diptyque City Candles Seoul and Tokyo

The Diptyque City Candles are back again for a limited time and I’m excited to share they’ve added Seoul to the mix for us this year! Each city candle is typically only available in the city they are named after but a few times a year you can purchase any city online at Diptyque or in their boutiques. Each city candle retails for $84 each and they’re available now through 4/26.

I’ve tried every city now and while I think each one is special in their own unique way. I’ve ranked my top 5. First a quick look at Seoul and Pekin, both of which I haven’t reviewed before.

Seoul City Candle

Diptyque City Candles Seoul

Notes include: hibiscus, jasmine, incense

The Seoul City Candle is a pretty floral. It almost has a cherry blossom vibe to me in the sense that it’s fresh and floral, but with hibiscus and jasmine instead. Seoul has a mix of some musk and woody notes. I think it smells better when burned than straight from the jar, but it’s definitely love for me.

Pekin City Candle

Diptyque Pekin City Candle
Notes include: Sandalwood, Magnolia, Green Tea

The Pekin City Candle is a woody candle with a mix of sandalwood and green tea. It also has a slight floral vibe with magnolia. It has a relaxing spa like feel to it. I love the bright orange and gold design.

Now onto my top 5!

Beverly Hills City Candle

Diptyque City Candle Beverly Hills

Notes include: Freesia, Mint, Lemon

The Beverly Hills City Candle was my first one, I think this was the first city candle made exclusive to the stores in LA. It’s easily my favorite with the fresh green almost tropical vibe to it. I’ve purchased this the most out of all the city candles, I think it’s unique and uplifting.

Miami City Candle

Diptyque City Candle Miami

Notes include: Magnolia, Lemon, Jasmine

The Miami City Candle comes close second to Beverly Hills. They both have a very similar feel to them with the lemon notes. This one pulls a little more green to me and has a fresh feel to it as well.

Paris City Candle

Diptyque Paris City Candle

Notes include: Bergamot, Lavender, Patchouli

Another favorite and very unique is the Paris City Candle. I feel like this one is the most special out of all the cities. When this was launched it was the second city candle available and only available in Paris. This is one a personal shopper purchased and shipped to me from France. I bought it without being able to smell it in person first and it was 100% pure love. I love anything with bergamot in it and while it also has lavender and patchouli, it still manages to feel light citrusy and floral all at the same time.

Toyko City Candle

Diptyque Tokyo City Candle

Notes include: Cypress, Incense, Ginger

The Toyko City Candle is also beautiful. It’s described as having woody notes, but for some reason when burned it has a more floral vibe to it with some slight woody notes. It smells very clean to me. I think it’s stunning.

New York City Candle

Diptyque New York City Candle

Notes include: Vetiver, Patchouli, Incense

Last in my top 5 is the New York City Candle which has a sophisticated vibe. I love the vetiver mix in it. It’s woody but not too woody.

There are other cities candles available including Shanghai, Hong Kong, London and Berlin. I think they’re beautiful options as well but I gravitate more towards the others I reviewed at the top.

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Available for a limited time at Diptyque. Also don’t forget to check out their Special Offers page for the latest promo they are having!

Seoul, Pekin and Tokyo gifted from Diptyque.

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