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The Only Christmas Gift Guide You’ll Need This Year – The Anna Edit

The perfect post to send to someone special if you need to drop some hints…

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Once again I’ve trawled the web for the ultimate festive gift guide that caters for all budgets and should have you covered, whomever the lucky recipient is. So if it’s a Secret Santa that’s got you scratching your head, or a special someone that has you stumped, look no further…


It’s universally agreed that this category is the toughest one. So whether you’re doing a Secret Santa, need a few stocking stuffers, or you just want to have something on hand to give to unexpected gifters, here are some recommendations – all under £15. My top pick would be to buy them your favourite book you’ve read this year and then slip this super chic Silk Bookmark* between the pages, or fill this HAY Crate* with something you think they’ll love inside, like all the ingredients for an indulgent hot chocolate, or the bits you need for your go-to cookie recipe. Even when the gift is more on the novelty side I still like it to be useful in some way and I can’t think of anyone I know who wouldn’t get use of out this Watering Globe* – what a good idea! I’m a sucker for an edible gift though and these Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Batons* and Tony’s Christmas Gift Pack* look RIGHT up my street.



As always I suggest that when it comes to clothing, unless a piece has been specified, your best bet is to stick to cashmere or just generally comfy items. This year my favourite matching set is this jumper* and these trousers* from ARKET, it’s giving some serious Toteme vibes. Cashmere socks are something that is on my Christmas list every single year and you cannot go wrong with The White Company* ones, they are the true OG’s, although these Falke Wool & Cashmere Blend Socks* are a chic more affordable alternative. Dressing gowns are fab because they last for years and the receiver is always going to get use out of them. Personally I love the Soho House Fleece* ones, but this Tekla Fabrics Stripe Dressing Gown* looks so cosy.



One thing that I buy every single year is this Aromatherapy Associates Set* for my Grandparents. They find a way to make it last a whole year – MY HEART!!! Sets always end up as the best value, but sometimes it’s just nice to gift something that you really like yourself that you feel like they will love. For me that would be the Summer Fridays Lip Butter*, Maison Margelia ‘When The Rain Stops’ Fragrance* or the Westman Atelier Blender Brush* – those are all things that I use every single day. If I had to pick my top, top pick though? It would be this Face Gym Sculpting Tool*. Any beauty lover would probably be on their Gua Sha game already, but this one is unbreakable, stays nice and cool and would be great if they travel.




What foodie doesn’t love a cookbook?! My favourite one that I’ve purchased and baked from many times this year is ‘Sweet Enough’ by Allison Roman*; especially if you have a baker in your life, they’ll love it. As someone who loves to cook, I would never turn down a set of measuring spoons – ever! – I use them every single morning when I make my smoothie and I think these ones* would look cool in any kitchen. These Onion Goggles* feel like a joke gift, but I can guarantee that I’d end up actually using them! If it’s a slightly pricer gift that you’re after then a foodie would be very into a Pasta Maker*, I’m sure of it. Just make sure you get a homemade pasta dinner date in the diary ASAP!



Got a homebody in your life!? May I suggest a little book and blanket bundle?! Something like this Lambswool Blanket*, paired with ‘Tom Lake’ by Ann Patchett (I’ve just finished it and WHAT A BRILLIANT BOOK!). I can’t think of a better combo than that. Maybe throw in a face mask, or a pair of pyjamas too and you’re going to be top of the list. A cute vase is always a nice option too – I really like the look of this Sandstone* one. Artwork is a little tricker so you definitely have to know the receiver well, but it feels like such a well considered present – especially when it’s framed already! This* is a great colourful and affordable print, and this Lemons Print* is such a great one for any hallway or kitchen.



I mean this is my annual spot to do a book plug, RIGHT!? ‘An Edited Life’* is THE organisation manual for all, and I can guarantee you’ll be bitten by the tidying bug once you’ve flicked through a few pages. Any work-from-homers will appreciate practical gifts like this Weekly Schedule Organiser*, or this Gold Desktop Tidy* or if you want to go all out this Desk Organiser* is on my personal Christmas list. I haven’t seen this Joseph Joseph Cosmetic Case* before and I love that it could store all your daily beauty bits in, but also act as a stand-up mirror too, a nice little two-in-one. This HK Living* one is a little smaller, but would be great to store your jewellery in too.



Lululemon is my go-to for gifts for those in my life who enjoy a good sweat. No one complains with a pair of Align Pants* (plus the returns are really flex around the festive period if they need to switch up the size), and the Lululemon Yoga Mat* is something that I’ve had for years – probably about 7 years at this point! These B Yoga Helix Weights* are the CHICEST weights that I’ve ever seen, and I feel like Bala make really gorgeous workout accessories too like these Resistance Bands* and Balance Blocks* – you definitely wouldn’t mind any of those being out on display in your workout corner. Know someone that lifts!? They are never going to say no to a pair of Lifting Gloves* and these look really fancy.



Mark’s done a full 44-piece gift edit here if you want to check out, but I asked him for his top, top picks and here’s what he came back with… A set of these Mugs* are top of his wishlist and can see why – they are very aesthetically pleasing! I agree with him that t-shirts are always a solid option and you can sneak in to see the sizing on the ones he already owns, this one from Colourful Standard* is a really nice colour. In terms of accessories he wears his Carhartt Beanie* year on year, and is never without a water bottle like this Yeti one*. A fancy hand cream that you don’t mind strewn across the nightstand is always a winner, and the Aesop Resurrection* one does smell really, really good.



If you want ideas for a little human who is more in the 0-12 months category, then check out last year’s post because this year I am fully versed in all things toddlers. Got a 2-3 year old to buy for? I’VE GOT YOUR BACK. We are big train fans in this household and any type of Brio Train Set* feels like a solid choice (and if you know they already have some then a Battery-Operated Train* is a good idea). Role play toys are always a good’un too – Ralph is a big fan of this Doctors Kit*, and anything to do with a kitchen like this Coffee Machine* always makes him feel like he’s doing it for real. Ralph has played with this Henry Hoover* everyday since he got it or if it’s just a little something you’re after parents will thank you for this Reusable Sticker Book* which comes with us every time we attempt a meal out. So, so good and £2.99!!!



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